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January 25, 2019
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“Have breakfast like an emperor, lunch like a king and dinner like a beggar” – this saying does not apply to our family. Like, at all. Firstly, both me and the children tend to leave the house in the morning without eating anything. Secondly, dinner is for us the first opportunity of spending time together at the table. As a result, the above-mentioned order is more likely to be reversed.

Of course, I know that this is not necessarily the healthiest way of life. Above all, there is enough information about the effects on concentration especially at school. For this reason, I really try to make the morning meal as varied as possible not only on weekends, but also in everyday life.

Today I would like to share with you our three favorite breakfast ideas and I hope that inspires you to give your breakfast the value it deserves.

So, let´s start – our favorite breakfast ideas for everyday!!

Banana bread

Our absolute number one. It is enough for a maximum of two days, so I could bake it at least three times a week. Tastes excellent not only for breakfast, but also for the afternoon coffee or tea. Which is also the reason why one baking tin is not really enough for us.

I wrote down our favorite version here (in German, English version coming soon).

Banana bread stacked on plate

Selfmade granola

I think homemade granola tastes way better than bought. Making granola at home has only advantages: you decide what is inside, you can tailor it exactly to your family’s preferences and avoid excess sugar. You can enjoy it with yogurt or cottage cheese, top it with fresh fruits or combine with warm compote. No end to the possibilities.

The recipe for a particularly good winter version can be found here (in German, English version coming soon).

Selfmade granola drizzled with honey


Also one of our favorites, especially during the cold winter months. If oatmeal porridge is too boring on the long run: just try quinoa or buckwheat.

My current favorite: boiled quinoa mixed with dark (unsweetened) cocoa powder and with coconut milk. So tasty and saturating! Topped with hot sour cherry compote, chia seeds and fresh berries, it is a great base for your day and will keep you satisfied until lunch.

Chocolate quinoa topped with berries

Well this doesn´t belong to the breakfast ideas actually, but it’s so great that I have to share it with you: I recently discovered that I can have food delivered to my home in my hometown! I know that now some of you are rolling with your eyes because of this provincial statement, as you know about this for a long time already. But here, almost on the verge of civilization, it’s special! Admittedly, maybe this possibility has been around for a while and I just overslept it.

Anyway. At the MPREIS online shop you can order everything – everything is delivered comfortably even to your doorstep. You don’t have to go outside the door if you don´t want to or simply just can´t. I definitely decided to use this service much more often from now on. If only to avoid hysterical breakdowns of my two-year-old son in the sweets department.

I wish you a wonderful weekend and enjoy the sun!!

Disclaimer: this article was written based of my honest enthusiasm and not as part of a cooperation. I don’t get anything paid for it, but I still wanted to share the tip with you!

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