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Patricia Schirmer, Lounge20

Welcome to Lounge 20!

So, what’s there to say about me?

My name is Patricia Spieker, born in 1977. I live with my family near Innsbruck in Tyrol.

I am project manager specialist with many years of experience in eBusiness and eCommerce with a strong preference for design and aesthetics. This characteristic suits me both in my projects and in all other areas of my everyday life. I love it when things not only work hundred percent, but are also aesthetically thought out. It doesn’t matter whether these are advertising concepts, interior or simple food recipes.

In addition to my job, I am also mother of three children between 2 and 18 – and founder and author of Lounge 20.

“Those who want to be always happy have to change often.” – Confucius

Lounge 20 was launched as a pure food blog back in 2014 and has been constantly evolving since then. As a family, we love to try out and get to know new things, not only professionally but also privately. We like to discover foreign countries and cities together with our children. We are constantly looking for exciting hotels and good food.

Due to my personal life experience, I also deeply care about topics such as business & career, finance and family.

As a result, more and more areas were added in terms of content – and the journey has just begun. In July 2018, Lounge 20 emerged from a blog that was a loved hobby, a company that will never lose its original character and personal attachment to its readers.

I feel really blessed and thankful to be able to inspire and motivate my readers in a variety of ways. I see Lounge 20 as a virtual feel-good-place: a place to relax, to recharge, always looking at the positive aspects of life.

I’m very glad you’re here.



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